Brighten the Day and Get Motivated by Making a List of Things You Do That Already Makes You Happy

Motivate Yourself by Listing the Stuff You’re Already Doing Right
You’re a determined person who can get stuff done, and your list is proof.
By admin

When we focus on improving our daily life, we often do a list of things to remember things we are missing out on, things we fail to do like: I should exercise, I should play tennis. I should drink more water and eat fruits, I should eat a vegetable sometimes. But what about the healthy habits you’re already doing? There are probably more than zero and things that make life more worthwhile every day.

This isn’t some nerdy idea, like writing a “make a to-do list” besides the calendar update and thus forgetting about it. (Although, honestly)? There’s nothing like breaking into laughter and joy with self-irony if you fail to perform. There’s a well-accepted psychological theory that underpins it. We’re building our self-esteem.

Self-efficacy is your belief that you can do the thing. (Whatever that thing might be.) Think about how you feel when you do something you’re good at and that you’ve done countless times before: you’re confident, you’re probably in a good mood just thinking about it, and you know you’re going to succeed.

If you’re a tennis player, you probably feel like this way when you head out to the courts for your Saturday tennis game to get a sweet victory.. But if you don’t think of yourself as a professional player, it’s all new and fresh, isn’t it? Forget the repetitive competitiveness, go out there, have fun and play your best game! You don’t know if you can make it through the game without losing and much less about the whole new positive habit you’re hoping to start from spiking your new motivation.

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