Summer Illustrations by Domagoj Šokčević

Summer Illustrations by Domagoj Šokčević

Take a look at these inspiring summer illustrations by Domagoj Šokčević.

Just a few months ago, we introduced you to Domagoj Šokčević, a young illustrator, visual artist, and student of textile design from Croatia. He recently sent us another email to let us know about his latest series of summer illustrations. Compared to his previous illustrations, Domagoj Šokčević decided to use colors of much stronger tones to give these new artworks a certain summer vibe. Despite these stronger colors in these pieces, they are still characterized by nostalgia and melancholy, which is quite typical for Domagoj Šokčević’s creative work.

Below you can see eight summer illustrations by Domagoj Šokčević. For more, please visit his website or check out our first feature of illustrations by Domagoj Šokčević. In addition, you can follow this talented illustrator on Instagram.

Summer illustration by Domagoj Šokčević

All illustrations © by Domagoj Šokčević. Do not hesitate to find more inspiring work in our popular Illustration category.

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