Magical Monsson: Stunning Photos By Bangladeshi Photographer Thahnan Ferdous

Magical Monsson: Stunning Photos By Bangladeshi Photographer Thahnan Ferdous

What is more satisfying than doing it in the monsoon. When it starts raining, some get busy getting their cattle back home, some rush to take shelter under a shed or return to the comfort of their homes. On the contrary, some love to immerse at the moment in their own way.

Some see it as an opportunity to catch some fish from the nearby water body, and children run out of their homes to play a game of football, or as seen in one of the photos here, cricket.

As the rainwater gives new life to all the canals, rivers, and other water bodies, it rejuvenates a unique set of trade-related activities that take place from the outskirts of the largest cities to the most remote villages of the country.

Craftsmen build new boats and take them to nearby hats. Also, seasonal waterways open, and boats of different sizes and shapes start carrying various goods to faraway places.

I think beauty lies in everything, and I try to see and capture it in the pettiest of things. Here I present to you some of my photos taken in the magical monsoon.

Magical Monsson: Color Street Photography Series By Thahnan Ferdous

About Thahnan Ferdous

I am Thahnan Ferdous, a travel photographer based in Dhaka. My passion for photography takes me places beyond my known boundary of life. It teaches me how to interact with strangers, and befriend them.

When I take photos, I focus on colorful and vibrant moments of people’s lives, especially while they interact with nature. It is amazing to see how the lives and activities of people living close to nature change with changing seasons.

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