North Florida brand shoot for Michele Perry

North Florida brand shoot for Michele Perry

Where to even begin here? I first started seeing Michele’s name in my DMs about two years ago-we run in some of the same circles in the creative world, and she knows my dear friend Natalie! Michele send me a photo in July 2019 of the vision board that hangs on the wall in her office, and on that board was a printout of my branding collections page. And sure as Spring, about a year later, we received an email from Michele that it was time to hit GO!! This is one of the many things I love about Michele- she sees something she wants, and she gets after it, never losing sight of the overall vision.

In Michele’s words, “I think it’s such a beautiful lesson to share that not everything happens right away- it’s OK to dream and plan and make it happen.” Amen and amen.

We started planning Michele’s shoot, wanting to bring to life both the visual art she produces as a watercolor artist, and the communication strategy + left-brained side of her business that her coaching clients experience. Another thing I adore about Michele- if I threw out any sort of “hey what if we [insert crazy idea here]?” she was ON IT.

Like how I asked, two days before her shoot, how hard it might be to get her hands on some oranges with leaves still attached, and she turned around and literally had a friend overnight a box of oranges-on-the-branch. We’re talking serious dedication, and serious trust in the artistic process!

North Florida brand shoot for Michele Perry, Designed to Thrive Creative | by Abby Grace Photography

When we arrived at her cozy Florida home in February, she had dozens of on-brand accents and tchotchkes laid out in the garage, sorted by color for quick reference. DREAM! We had details for every scene imaginable, making styling all the more fun, and giving us SO much variety within her final gallery!

I could go on and on about how much fun the day of her shoot was, but I’ll let the final photographs below speak for themselves.

Michele, I feel so LUCKY to have been the one to shoot for you!! Collaborating with you in the weeks and months leading up to your session was such a breath of inspiration, and being there with you in your home on the day of your shoot was pure joy. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to capture your brand photographs, and I’m crossing my fingers we’ll get to do it again soon! You’re a treasure, a wealth of wisdom, and one of the most gifted creatives I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with :). Big hugs to you, friend!

See more of Michele work on her website! Styling for this session brought to you by (you guessed it) Katherine Bignon :).

And pssst for our Brand Photography Academy students, Michele’s session is coming for y’all soon in the form of a *case study!* I can’t wait for you guys to get an even deeper glimpse at her incredible brand- stats, before + after shots of her website, and more! Not in the course yet? You can get on the waitlist for BPA here!

Maybe my favorite moment from the whole day- Michele wasn’t able to be at her own graduation ceremony for her Masters program, so we made sure to grab a shot with her diploma + cap at the end of her shoot… and I couldn’t resist having my assistant Tiffany play “Pomp & Circumstance” on her phone in the background :).

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