Ep. #62: Avoid Major Mistakes w/ Vanessa Renae [PODCAST]

Ep. #62: Avoid Major Mistakes w/ Vanessa Renae [PODCAST]

In episode #62 of Find Your Focus, photographer Vanessa Renae explores the planning techniques that can help you avoid major mistakes.

Avoiding Beginner Mistakes: What You Should Know Before Starting Your Business

Feat. Vanessa Renae

Episode 62 show notes

Today’s episode is about mistakes the mistakes all photographers are prone to make—and how to avoid them! We speak with Vanessa Renae about the start of her wedding photography business, her work as an educator, and the lessons she’s learned along the way. Our host, Logan Fahey, chimes in with some of her own early missteps.

Listeners can expect teachable moments and relatable anecdotes that they can apply in their own lives and careers. You’ll hear practical advice about creating an actionable business plan,

Hear practical business advice like the importance of having an actionable plan. Vanessa also explains why your mindset might be holding you back. Later, we hear about the nonlinear nature of business, not letting expectations get in the way of your next career steps, and why you shouldn’t be scared of specializing and offering niche services.

Listeners can also expect special tips and insights on marketing and Instagram. For all this and more, tune in today!

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Key moments in this episode

  • Vanessa talks about how she became interested in photography and started her current business
  • The joy of teaching and sharing knowledge
  • Vanessa shares her missteps when she first started her business
  • Hear the benefits of having an actionable plan before starting your business
  • Investing in a uniquely tailored education
  • The pitfalls of oversubscribing to emails
  • How sales tax functions in your photography business
  • Important mindset mistakes
  • The non-linear nature of owning a business
  • The tricky business of comparing yourself to other businesses
  • Why hustling is not sustainable
  • Common marketing mistakes

Vanessa Renae Photography


“This is such an important episode to listen to because you get to learn from our mistakes!” — Logan Fahey [0:00:52]

“When I’m hustling, I want to be hustling in a way that is going to pay off big-time in the next year. I’m not just working for the sake of working.” — Vanessa Renae [0:17:01]

Vanessa Renae Photography

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