Iranian Living Room In London By Hassan Nezamian

Iranian Living Room In London By Hassan Nezamian

Iranian living room in London is a documentary photography project that aimed to study cultural aspects of the Iranian lifestyle in London. Iranian who migrated to the United Kingdom during the last half a century brought their very unique culture and lifestyle with themself to this country.

Iranian Living Room In London By Hassan Nezamian

About Hassan Nezamian

Hassan Nezamian launched his career as a professional freelance photographer when I was awarded my first photography certificate in 2006.

He graduated from the University of the Arts London in 2015 with an honor bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in photojournalism and documentary photography in 2016.

In the past decade, He has sharpened the broad range of photography skills and applied them in a variety of photography sub-branches that rendered me unique opportunities as a photographer providing me with the chance to establish robust communication skills with people of various age groups and culture.

Being behind a camera has donated him a full insight for perception of global phenomena and themes making me eagerly keen to convey my own definition of art and photography via my tools to the prospective photographers in the young generation.

Two bodies of work have been published since 2009. Iran Water, Wind, Soil in documenting Iran’s natural landscape and Bitterness of war which depicts the long-term effect of the war in Bosnia.

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