500px & Neil Dankoff Photography Competition: Winners Revealed

500px & Neil Dankoff Photography Competition: Winners Revealed

Last month we partnered with the talented Neil Dankoff to launch the first 500px and Neil Dankoff Photography Competition. This was an exclusive opportunity for the 500px Community to exhibit their work in a Neil Dankoff Gallery, win one of six prize packages, and for one person to win a photography dream trip to Indonesia to stay at NIHI Sumba resort. To say the judges were blown away by the submissions is an understatement. After much consideration, 500px and Neil Dankoff are thrilled to announce the winners, runners-up, and honorable mentions for the 500px & Neil Dankoff Photography Competition.

Before we get into the winners, here is a recap of the amazing prizes:

First place category winners:

  • Work featured in a Neil Dankoff Gallery show. The winning photographs will be professionally printed and mounted by Toronto Image Works
  • Capture One Pro software from B3K
  • A 512GB flash drive with security keypad from iStorage
  • A premium coffee table book featuring the winner’s own photos from Pikto
  • The Ultimate Everyday Adventure Backpack and inner cases from NYA-EVO
  • AI Max Bundle that includes: Luminar AI, Aurora HDR, and 2 premium template packs from Luminar

Runners-up and honorable mentions:
Each photographer will have their photo featured on 500px and Neil Dankoff’s website and receive a one year 500px Pro membership.

Grand Prize Winner:
One photographer will win an all-inclusive photography trip of a lifetime to the luxury resort, NIHI Sumba resort in Indonesia.

First place: People/Portrait and Grand Prize Winner

first place

Photo by Sarah Wouters

Sarah Wouters 61 years old, is a Dutch citizen but native Thai. She is a travel photographer who lived in the Netherlands for more than 25 years then immigrated back to Thailand 7 years ago where she began practicing photography.

First place: Wildlife

Photo by Steven Passlow

Steve Passlow is an amateur photographer from Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia. With the freedom to photograph whatever catches his eye, his collection is broad and varied. His passion lies in photographing nature, exploring the beautiful coast of his local area, and having a camera in hand wherever he travels. Always looking out for interesting scenes and special moments.

First place: Landscape

Photo by Dipanjan Pal

Dipanjan Pal is an aerial and landscape photographer from Kolkata, India. His works has been featured in multiple media outlets like The Guardian, BBC News, DailyMail, plus in art galleries and museums across the globe. Dipanjan loves photographing in challenging conditions as they often result in memorable images.

First place: Minimalism

Photo by Priscilla Ong

A visual artist based in Singapore, Priscilla began her creative journey photographing mostly travel and landscapes over the last decade or so, but has pivoted towards conceptual still life photography since the pandemic. Her work focuses on colors, minimalism, puns, and surrealism. She’s driven to find beauty in everyday objects, with the aim of provoking a smile.

First place: Architecture

Photo by Ammar Al Sayed Ahmed

A hobbyist from the United Arab Emirates who is passionate about photography and specializes in landscape and architectural photography.

First place: City/ Urban

Photo by Ning Ding

I prefer to do portrait and travel photography (landscapes), but due to COVID, I have not had the chance to do portraits so I have started focusing on wildlife photography.

People/Portrait- Runners-Up

Photo by: Valics Lehel

Photo by: Nicola Pratt

Photo by: Bobby Tan

People/Portrait- Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Ross Magri

Photo by: Negin Samimi

Photo by: Leah Den Bok

Photo by: Dale Johnson

Photo by: Alexius Sutandio

Wildlife- Runners-Up

Photo by: Michael Johnson

Photo by: Ade Oyeyemi

Photo by: Garrett Chinn

Wildlife- Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Igor Altuna

Photo by: Corrado Mariani

Photo by: Adam Mowery

Photo by: Ivan Glaser

Photo by: Mizael Palomeque

Landscape- Runners-Up

Photo by: Victor Fernandes

Photo by: Enrico Fossati

Photo by: Petr Polach

Landscape- Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Rob Darby

Photo by: Alessandro Cantarelli

Photo by: Justin Nederkoorn

Photo by: Diego Rosati

Photo by: Sergey Aleshchenko

Minimalism- Runners-Up

Photo by: Pedro Diaz Molins

Photo by: Paolo Nigris

Photo by: William Matthew Katzenberger

Minimalism- Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Wontae Kim

Photo by: Mohammed Mir Mahmoud

Photo by: Lilly Visuthiwattanakorn

Photo by: Ricardo Polesso

Photo by: Ante Badzim

Architecture- Runners-Up

Photo by: Jacob Poul Skoubo

Photo by: Jerome Tan

Photo by: Dee Potter

Architecture- Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Erik Falk

Photo by: Nikolaos Kalkounos

Photo by: Laurie Bucci

Photo by: Jeff Lucas

Photo by: Wayne Fisher

City/Urban- Runners-Up

Photo by: Ricardo Polesso

Photo by: Marco Hofmann

Photo by: Florian Kriechbaumer

City/Urban- Honorable Mentions

Photo by: Rafael Cordero

Photo by: Evgeny Klein

Photo by: Jonathan Virgie

Photo by: Karen Bailey

Photo by: Oleksandr Berezko

Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for future photography competitions.

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