Ep. #3: Instagram Insights with Twig & Olive [PODCAST]

In episode #3 of Find Your Focus, photographer Bobbi Peterson explores the pathway to her brand’s Instagram marketing success. 

Instagram Connections: How to Up Your Game and Stand Out

Feat. Bobbi Peterson, Twig & Olive

Episode #3 show notes

In this episode of Find Your Focus, Logan chats to Bobbi Peterson, a member of the well-known Twig & Olive trio, about using social media for marketing purposes. Tuning into the show, listeners will hear the back story of how their business came into existence over margaritas and how their diverse skills miraculously fell into place to complement one another so that they can each do the tasks that they’re passionate about.

Bobbi talks about the importance of getting your website right since it is often a client’s first engagement with your brand and how your social media sites are the side doors that can be used to get the word out there and lure in your ideal clients. For them, Instagram has been the most effective platform, and she shares a bunch of tips to up your engagement, post consistently, and build your following.

And if you’ve run out of fresh content now that you are stuck indoors—no sweat! Bobbi shares their secrets for always having something to post, regardless of the season.

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Twig & Olive

Key moments in this episode

  • Hear how Bobbi got hooked up with couple Doug and Courtney to start Twig & Olive
  • Why it became clear to them that combining their businesses made perfect sense
  • The advantages they had due to having prior experience with their separate businesses
  • How their diverse skills and interests complement one another to form a strong team
  • The importance of your website as the front door of your business
  • Using social media—especially Instagram—to infuse your personality into your business
  • How young people choose the brands they support: personality and being able to relate
  • Tips for boosting engagement on Instagram and why your stories don’t have to be perfect
  • Find out how often they post to social media and how they maintain consistency
  • The easiest way to build a following on Instagram? Get your #hashtags right!
  • Advice for posting in your off-season when you have a shortage of new content
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Twig & Olive


“When you merge two businesses of our size, there are a lot of things that we had to do on the back end to make it legal; we had to get attorneys involved and accountants involved and all of that stuff.” — Bobbi @twigandolive [0:04:08]

“For us, social media is a way to market and put yourself in front of so many people at once.” — Bobbi @twigandolive [0:07:00]

“In the middle of a busy season, it’s not uncommon for us to post a minimum of three to five times a day with, being in the slow season, at a minimum one to two times a day.” — Bobbi @twigandolive [0:13:48]

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Twig & Olive

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