Wildlife Photography on a Whole New Level!

on Mar 2, 2021 in Field Reports

This is simply a one of a kind event designed to elevate your wildlife photography to great realms of pleasure. Join me and a great line up of instructors for the KelbyOne Wildlife Photography Conference 16-17 March, 2021. Just what am I presenting, well thanks for asking, here is is in short form.

Wildlife Photography is the greatest celebration of life! When you have that critter in the viewfinder, it’s a very exciting moment. The heart beats faster, the mind turns quicker. Then the panic set in, “what and I doing?” Learning when to push the button is one of the big challenges. What makes a good or great wildlife photo can be a blur. And whether you’re new to it or been at it for years, making a better photograph than before is always the goal. Together we’re going to explore the marvelous world of wildlife photography and answer these and many more questions. Like the biologists have always taught me, a solid foundation always makes for better work. I’m going to give you that foundation!

Birds, oh those magnificent creatures able to break the bonds of gravity with such color and elegance. While they are all basically the same, they are all very much unique. How do you get close enough to observe these wonders? How do they get close enough to bring their story back in your photographs? What tools do you need to own and biology learned bringing this all together? Most importantly, how do you bring their unique brilliance to your audience to tell their story? We are going to cover these and so many more points so when you share your bird photographs you tell their story and grab hearts.

Mammals, they are the challenge for most wildlife photographers. They are often harder to find, going to far-off locations at times to even see them. They are more elusive, shier, and at times, simply not present. Finding mammals to photograph is a challenge. The photographic tools to use are not as clear-cut. And their biology is mysterious at times preventing us from getting the image we want. How do you put mammals in your viewfinder in the best light? How do you tell their story and grab hearts? These are just some of the areas of mammal photography we’ll discuss. By the end of this class, you’ll have the knowledge you need and be dying to get out the door to put it all in action!

You’re new to wildlife photography. You work a 9-5 job and have a very busy life. You have limited resources. You don’t know if you even want to be a wildlife photographer. Perhaps you’ve been shooting critters for some time and want to take it to a new level but don’t know where to start. How do you add flash for color and not exposure? You want to test a new piece of gear before you buy but don’t know how or where to do so. All of this and so much more can be solved in your own backyard! If you’ve watched my KelbyOne class on Backyard Birds, you know I’ve had a backyard shooting gallery for decades. All the lessons I’ve learned I’m going to share so you too can do no more than open a window and photograph all the critters you want whenever you can!

After my PreCon, I know you will have great questions and I want to answer them. You can join me at Clubhouse where I will do my best to answer all of them!

Yeah, that’s the short form. What’s the long-form, well join the other instructors and me and find out … it’s going to be … epic!

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